Fibre has a History

Fibre optic technology has been around since the 1870’s & the first actual fibre optic cabling can be traced back to the 1950’s.


FibreUP is 51% Black owned and all regional senior management are owners/directors with a vested interest.

Fibre is FAST

The current transmission record over fibre is 15.5 Terabits per second over a distance of 7,000km – the equivalent of 10.3 million DSL connections.



The senior management team has decades of experience in the telecommunications industry and within the sector. The Executive team boasts a hosts of professional qualifications amongst them that include a Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineer, Charted Accountant, Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration.


FibreUP is a preferred supplier to most of the national telcos. Attaining the services of FibreUP will provide immediate access to leverage from this benefit. For example, FibreUP is one of only a few Gate1 vetted suppliers to a market-leading mobile network operator.


FibreUP is 51% Black owned and all regional senior management are owners/directors with a vested interest. Together with the CIDB rating of level 4 , the company is well positioned to provide services to the South African government and all large national and international companies that require their suppliers to have certain gradings and standards.

SOC Advantage

The FibreUP SOC provides a 24x7x365 Integrated Network Operations Centre staffed with experienced call agents. This allows, FibreUP to provide its clients with managed services

The FibreUP advantage

FibreUP is a proudly South African SME, with a B-BBEE Level 1 Status working with multinational telco’s, cellco’s, network operators and internet services providers. Clients include industry giants such as Liquid Telecom, Vodacom, Dark Fibre Africa, and Vumatel.

The company has experienced outstanding success in providing project-based fibre installation services, the majority of which are civil in nature, including design and planning of new fibre optic networks and route builds. Specialised delivery teams are deployed for civil excavation and installation of fibre cable ducts and cable splicing, providing contact points for companies that offer fibre network services. FibreUP provide Maintenance contracts for the support on these fibre networks for our clients supported via our National Service Center.

Assist Services

FibreUP Connect Teams prepare, splice and test network connections within Multi-Tenant environments such as Gated Communities and Smart Malls. Qualified Technicians offer Fibre-to-the-Home solutions within Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), Single Dwelling Unit (SDU) and Gated Communities.
FibreUP Drop Teams complete network connections from Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Termination to the final point of termination. Our highly skilled technicians will prepare, splice and test connections in Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTb), Multi-Tenant Buildings and Smart Mall environments.
FibreUP Inside Plant Teams work within the Private Access Plant environment, completing network connections from the boundary to the final distribution point in FTTh; from the boundary to a Neutral Distribution Point in MDU’s; and from Distribution Point to the Cabinet in FTTb. Teams include Civils and Technical specialists offering Cable Reticulation and full Inside Plant Network Builds.
FibreUP Hybrid Teams offer the combined services of the FibreUP Connect, FibreUP Drop and FibreUP Inside Plant Teams within the FTTh & FTTb environments covering Civil works, Floating and Splicing.